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If you are looking for Nagano City hotels, Nagano accommodation or even Zenkoji Temple lodgings you will find plenty of options here.


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Nagano City Accommodation

Nagano is located over 200 kilometres north-west of Tokyo and it’s main airport (Narita) and 260 kilometres northeast of Nagoya. It is the home to 360,000 people and is the capital of the prefecture of the same name. Nagano has relatively fewer attractions than some of the more famous Japanese tourist meccas; however, the city’s location amongst the Japan Alps helps provide a unique variety of sites with historical, cultural, and natural characteristics that is hard to match elsewhere in the country. So basing yourself in one of the many fine Nagano City hotels on offer will provide good access.

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Nagano City Accommodation

Nagano City Hotels | Nagano Station accommodation

If you are looking for Nagano City hotels, Nagano accommodation or even Zenkoji Temple lodgings you will find plenty of options here. Nagano City was initially a temple town whose development was centred on Zenkoji Temple, the grand 1,400 year-old National Treasure that continues to draw millions of people of all Buddhist sects to make pilgrimages to visit its many ancient religious structures and artifacts. Nagano is more known worldwide as the site of the 1998 Olympic Winter Games and much of the legacy of that event remains.

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Zenkoji Temple Lodgings

Zenkoji Temple is still, by far, the top attraction of the region and the heart of the city. The city was previously known as Shinano before the arrival of the Ikkou Sanzon Amida Nyorai, the Amida Golden Triad, believed to be the first image of the Buddha in Japan. The sacred image inspired the construction of the temple during the seventh century and the city has developed around it ever since. The road to the temple is lined with shukubo – the kind of lodging that is traditionally attached to a Japanese temple. A shukubo is similar to traditional Japanese inns but at a shukubo you can join in morning prayers with the temple monks and eat shojin ryori – the special austere, vegetarian meal for monks.

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